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Land Titles

Land Titles

NW Registry has wide range of services on Land Titles. We provide all the towns of Land Titles, and even out of Provinces.

We provide Alberta land titles search services through access to the Alberta government land titles computer. Reports are generated with pertinent information on the land including ownership, caveats, rights of way, etc. We can produce a title for any valid legal description or title number in the province. The legal description can be in several forms.

eg. Plan -Block-Unit or SW-24-6-22-4 or Condo Plan #.

Copies of documents may also be requested to obtain the details on any caveats, right of ways, etc. Additionally, we also have access to the City of Calgary's Online Property Tax Assessment computer and can use this to obtain legal descriptions on a particular property by searching the street address. Other services for City Online are available where required.

Please note that we are only able to pull information on a title. Any changes must be done directly through a Land Title Office.