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Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle

Motor vehicles services include driver and vehicle licensing, motor vehicle searches, driver’s abstracts, payment of fines, and personalized licence plate applications and many more.

Legal Presence Documents

The following primary documents (proof of legal presence) may be considered in determining if a client is lawfully entitled to be or to remain in Canada:

  • Valid Canadian passport.
    • An Interpol passport is not a valid document for proof of legal presence. Clients must provide their valid foreign passport with the appropriate immigration documents.
  • NEXUS Card.
  • Free and Secure Trade (FAST) membership card.
  • Provincial/Territorial Government issued birth certificate.
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) Card (Federal issued).
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate (issued after February , 2012) or Canadian Citizenship Card (issued prior to February 2012).
  • Record of Landing.
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence.
    • The document must be dated, identify the date the individual became a permanent resident and be signed by an immigration officer.
  • Permanent Resident Card.
  • Study Permit (Federal government issued).
  • Work Permit (Federal government issued).
    • The work permit is not valid for Alberta licensing/identification purposes if the remarks area indicates: DOES NOT CONFER TEMPORARY RESIDENT STATUS.
  • Temporary Resident Visa (Federal government issued).
    • Issued to missionaries/clergy and their spouses authorized to drive.
    • Out of country Military personnel (e.g. British Army Training Unit), their spouses and their minor dependents, if applicable.
    • Out of country spouses of Canadian citizens and Alberta residents (proof of marriage required) and their minor dependents, if applicable.
    • Parent and Grandparent Super Visa (valid for up to 10 years allowing an applicant to remain in Canada for up to 24 months at a time without the need for renewal).

Knowledge Test

The use of any reference material (e.g. Driver Licence Handbook, notes, electronic devices such as cellular/smart phone, BlackBerry, handheld computer, iPod/iPad, electronic dictionary, etc.) is prohibited in the testing area. Clients accessing any of these items during a test, or communicating with anyone other than registry agent personnel or with a TIN approved translator, will automatically fail and receive a 30 day suspension of test writing privileges.

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Vehicle Ownership Document

  • Bill of sale (BOS).
  • Faxed copy of proof of ownership from licenced dealers, fleet companies/departments, and leasing/financing companies (or comparable out of province or US companies) faxed directly to the registry agent.
  • Scanned and emailed copy of proof of ownership from licenced dealers, fleet companies/departments, and leasing/financing companies emailed directly to the registry agent.
  • Lease agreement.
  • Alberta Vehicle Registration Certificate of the previous owner.
  • Out of province Canadian Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  • Certificate of Title for vehicles originating from the United States
  • Sales receipt and New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) or Electronic New Vehicle Information Statement (E-NVIS), if applicable, for utility trailers purchased from a retail store (e.g. Costco, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, etc.).
  • Manufacturer invoice document with vehicle particulars, NVIS/E-NVIS and a letter signed by an authorized representative of the company outlining they have purchased the vehicle directly from the manufacturer (used when a company purchases a vehicle(s) direct from the manufacturer instead of from a dealer).
  • Will, probated will, properly executed BOS from the personal representative of the Estate, Letter of Administration from court or letter from a lawyer stating they are acting on behalf of the beneficiary and they confirm that they are entitled to be named as registered owner of the vehicle(s).
  • Court Order.
  • Statutory Declaration for motorized vehicles valued under $2,500.00 or trailers valued under $1,000.00.